A brief overview of WooCommerce and Shopify

Image credit: When it comes to give your business the online presence, what kind of website you need is the most fundamental question. Although there are a number of e-commerce platforms to choose from, in this article, we will touch upon two of the very popular platforms – WooCommerce and Shopify.  What is WooCommerce? Extendable, customizable, and open source, WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin for WordPress – that’s designed for online merchants, large and small, using WordPress websites.  The platform gives you the absolute control over your site to sell anything, anywhere. You can modify it based on how you... Read More

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The Top 3 Digital Technology Trends in 2020 Organizations Must Plan for Now

Image credit: We’re just about 20 years into the 21st century and the technological advancements and innovations have been astonishing, charging ahead faster than ever. Business organizations and individuals who do not stay as up to date with top tech patterns as possible, there is a greater chance that they might leave themselves completely in the dust. Similarly, ones who understand the key patterns and take keen interest in adopting the latest tech are more able to plan and grasp opportunities.  In this write-up, we will review some of the most significant digital experience trends that companies should explore in... Read More