MySQL vs MongoDB

The choice between MongoDB and MySQL – It’s important for the success of your project

Image credit: Choosing the right database technology for a given application or a given set of requirements has been a no easy task for many. As there are tons of options out there: SQL, NoSQL, Cassandra, and HBase, to name a few.  But the two database management systems that are very close in popularity and are a go-to option for many companies and entrepreneurs are MongoDB and MySQL. So, in this write-up, I’ll discuss the two based on several factors and let you decide which database aligns well with the tech goals and requirements of your business. Speed and... Read More

Mobile application development

Mobile App: The heart of the insanely fast moving online retail

With the continued uptrend in online retail and the increasing use of smartphones among the consumers, retailers, all over the globe, are forced to reconsider their strategy and explore in more detail the deviating interest, the preferred way of online shoppers – that’s via mobile apps. It’s very convenient for consumers to reach for their mobile phone and place an order on the move, all with the click of a few buttons – compared to that of logging into an account and accessing the web from a desktop. As a result, there has been seen a phenomenal growth in the... Read More

AWS cloud migration - 5 compelling reasons

Why You Should Migrate to AWS Cloud – 5 Compelling Reasons That You Need to Make This Business Decision

Image credit: We all know that Amazon dominates the tech landscape, but what you may not know is that they are a big player when it comes to cloud services. We will explain here why your competitors are using AWS cloud services: and why it is beneficial to your business to embrace this technology solution. 1) YOU PAY AS YOU GO – Amazon Web Services enable you to trade capital expenses – like servers and data centers – for variable expenses. You don’t have to invest heavily in physical infrastructure and data centers to store your data, instead you pay only... Read More

Angular vs React

Angular or React – Let’s address this baffling choice

Image credit: Angular and React are two of the very popular JavaScript-based technologies that are widely used for creating single-page applications (SPAs). Both the tools are quite advanced, well-supported, and constantly updated. However, this is pretty much difficult to conclude which one is the best, AngularJS or ReactJS. In the spirit of helping you decide which will suit your SPA development project the more, we’ve listed certain things that you always need to consider.  Performance The performance is largely based on how efficient an approach a tool implements to update data. In other words, the more efficient a JavaScript library... Read More