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9 Jun

5 Most Hyped E-Commerce Trends of 2017

With the dynamic upsurge of technology being ushered into the society we live in, this era can undoubtedly be called a fast paced cyber driven realm. Before the advent of internet back in the 1990’s – the brick and mortar titans had an upper hand over the digital warriors. However, as e-commerce slithered its way into our lifestyle, the world has moved from desk drawers to cloud-based inventory management systems. Every year, the uncountable niches of e-commerce are gifted with numerous new trends; which slowly take over the marketplace. Just as 2016 was the perfect year for social media campaigns... Read More

7 Oct
ecommerce platforms comparison


Here we are again with our weekly dose of tech juice. The focus is again on eCommerce and the comparison of the available platforms. This article will help you choose a platform for your online shop and compare the features of e-commerce platforms from different manufacturers to meet the needs of your organization and the specific industry in which you work. HOW TO CHOOSE A PLATFORM FOR AN ONLINE STORE? Choosing a platform for online store: – It is not just about the comparison of e-commerce systems in the market, it’s a thorough analysis of Web platforms from different vendors,... Read More

22 Sep

The Impact of Big Data On Retail eCommerce

For retailers in e-commerce in 2017 will exhibit ground breaking progress in terms of taking advantage of big data technology as a tool of optimization and online sales strategy. And this is only the beginning. Companies that use history and the stored data regarding the behavior of consumers in real time will be able to create a more comfortable environment for their customers and also introduce improvements in the process of shopping. To help your business achieve greater success by using BIG DATA technology, consider two effective strategies to set up and use “user experience stats” in online retail. Personalization... Read More

2 Sep

The Global eCommerce Trends in 2016

E-commerce market in the world is actively developing, despite the prevailing crises and other negative phenomena. The dynamics of this industry are rapidly changing and we see the emergence of new trends with each passing day. Here we have listed a few recent developments for you that have already become the game changers for the entire ecommerce industry. Mobile commerce A few years ago there was a group of buyers in the world who bought products only from mobile devices. Back then it was the exception to the rule. Now the share of buyers in this segment has become the... Read More

22 Jun

OpenCart Integration With Payment Gateway: Know Your Options

First, let me give you a brief overview of payment integration gateways and what are these used for… it is pretty simple to understand the role of gateways, and you do not have to learn the zigzagged technical stuff. Payment integration gateway is used for eCommerce applications to enable the payment services like credit card payments for online businesses or retailers. Customers’ sensitive information and details are stored in websites such as passwords, credit card details, credit card numbers etc. plus they also ensures protection of data and secure lines. It also allows to transfer detailed info between payment portals.... Read More