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29 Sep

Native vs Hybrid vs Web app: Which One Suits You The Best

Being a software development organization, we often come across people who have an idea of a mobile app, the list of all the functionalities and the goals they want to achieve but the only thing they get confused about is whether to go for a native, hybrid or web app. Most of today’s mobile applications are native because they can make the best use of your mobile resources (Camera, microphone, accelerometer, geolocation etc.). However, for many reasons, HTML5 is a gold mine, waiting to be discovered by its developers. It makes it possible to “create an application once and deploy... Read More

3 Aug

A Futuristic View Of Augmented Reality

A couple of years ago one of my friends discussed her idea of using augmented reality in education but it was a novelty for many people at that time and I was skeptic if her idea could ever be materialized, however, I wished her luck for the wishful thinking (at least it looked like wishful thinking at that time) but little did I know that it will become the center of everybody’s attention so quickly. We have recently seen the world going crazy about Pokémon Go, and with this, augmented reality has driven a bit too much attention to the... Read More

29 Jul
mobile apps design 2016

10 Interesting Mobile App Design Trends [Part 2]

Continued. 6. Simple soft colors Observation suggests that majority of the smartphone users prefers the simple range of colors, which have soft contrast. This is a natural consequence of the omnipresent minimalist and flat design of mobile applications. However, the colors are chosen based on current trends (in the color palette Pantone Spring 2015 preference is given to “a cold and soft decisions with soft warm tones”). Try to use the template with different shades of the same color, with white font and contrasting elements. Or try a pattern with only two or three in hushed tones. In the context... Read More

28 Jul

10 Interesting Mobile Apps Design Trends [Part 1]

With the development of mobile applications – from Uber to Vine – we are gradually beginning to understand how trends in the mobile applications designs were formed over a decade. Many factors influence how mobile applications are perceived by the laymen- this year, for example, we have seen huge screen phones aka phablets in conjunction with tiny wearable accessories. The more users use mobile technology in their daily lives, the more they are curious about the applications that are being offered. When checking mail, booking a hotel room, ordering a gluten-free pizza for home delivery and much more. Applications such... Read More

24 Jun
iOS development

Free iOS Programming Tips For Rookies

Are you trying to figure out your iOS app? Where are you going to start it and how are you going to start your iOS development? Confused because of many variations in programming languages? Have to fill up your head with many frameworks and perfect coding? We know how you feel! When you are about to dive inside the pool of iOS development but still not sure about the landing spot and volume of splash you are going to create. In simple words you are looking for a simple way to start your iOS development, not sure about the results... Read More