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Angular vs React

Angular or React – Let’s address this baffling choice

Image credit: Angular and React are two of the very popular JavaScript-based technologies that are widely used for creating single-page applications (SPAs). Both the tools are quite advanced, well-supported, and constantly updated. However, this is pretty much difficult to conclude which one is the best, AngularJS or ReactJS. In the spirit of helping you decide which will suit your SPA development project the more, we’ve listed certain things that you always need to consider.  Performance The performance is largely based on how efficient an approach a tool implements to update data. In other words, the more efficient a JavaScript library... Read More

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Web Development Trends to Get Your Website Ready for 2019

2018 is about to meet its end and this year, many advancements were made in the web development industry. Trends have been shifting drastically and change has become the only constant in web development. There is an ongoing rise and fall of technologies so in order to be on the winning side of the game, its crucial to follow the latest trends and stay current on modern technologies. This post brings you a checklist of top 10 web development trends to prepare your website for 2019 and achieve a higher engagement and conversion rate. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) with Angular... Read More