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25 Nov

The Key Steps To Create A Compelling User Interface

In the process of bringing the visitors to your site and getting them to perform the desired action, it is easy to make a mistake and let them go astray. In order to keep your site engaging and user friendly you need to make sure that every element on your site is self-explanatory. From icons to images and their place, your site has to be the guide to itself. Here are a few steps that will help you build a friendly user interface. 1. Personalization Most likely, you know the profile of the consumer, which is focused on the proposed... Read More

17 Aug

5 Rules To Create a Great UI/UX Design

A few things remain consistent and inevitable in life i.e. death, taxes and the question of a stranger, “What do you do?” A minute after the handshake. As a software product development team dealing with UI/UX matters 24/7, we have been trying to find the answer to this question and here is what we came up with: Our job – to be inside the user’s brain. We need to look at the design through the user’s eyes and get rid of potential problems or confusion. We have compiled a list of 5 UX principles that our UX team uses in... Read More