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3 Feb

What Is Amazon Alexa And Why You Should Be Interested

Amazon’s speech recognition “Alexa” sweeps the world’s IoT and is becoming the champion of “next to smartphone” platform. Amazon began work on building the ecosystem of the voice service “Alexa” which is the brain of “Echo”. This effort consists of three pillars: Software Development Kit (SDK), Measures for Third Party Hardware Vendors, and Investment Fund of $ 100 Million. Amazon released a new measure in just a few days after the general release of Echo in the US. Echo became a topic after the announcement, and many developers show interest. Amazon’s Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos commented, “After Amazon Echo’s... Read More

6 Dec
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8 Fresh Facts About eLearning You Need To Know

Over the last decade, we have seen a massive shift in trends in the terms of technology and it has influence almost each aspect of our lives. Now tablets are the new playgrounds and kindle is the new library. Considering this technological revolution, eLearning is not a far-fetched idea anymore and the current figures suggest that we are going to see a significant boom in the eLearning industry in the near, NO, Very near future. Here are some of the most interesting statistical facts from the sphere of e-learning in the western market. This data will be very useful for... Read More

18 Nov

The Basic Laws of Building Efficient Teams

Recruiting the best talent for your organization is one thing but getting your teams to perform is an entirely different story. You cannot simply hire people and expect them to perform without putting effort in turning a bunch of random individuals into a ‘team’. In programming, as in physics, there are laws. So the first question you face here is, what is an efficient team, how to create it and how it affects the performance of the company? The performance of any company depends critically on its team. A team’s performance, at any level, depends on its ability to accelerate... Read More

10 Nov

The Modern Approach To Building Corporate Information Systems (ERP/CRM)

Corporate Information Systems are scalable systems designed for comprehensive automation of all kinds of economic activities of large and medium-sized enterprises, including corporations, consisting of multiple departments that require a single control. It combines the personnel management system, material, financial and other resources of the company, the company uses these systems to support planning and management and allows management to make more informed decisions. A corporate information system can be understood as a management ideology, combining business strategy and information technology. “Enterprise” is the ability to work in a distributed system structure (corporation) vertically and horizontally. Corporate information systems are... Read More

2 Nov

7 Technologies That Will Change The Future Of Healthcare

According to forecasts of the University of Chicago, in 2020 the number of experts in the field of information technology in the US healthcare industry will increase by 21%. And this growth will occur in all sectors of the healthcare industry, which essentially means the accelerated growth of the use of information systems, mobile technology, cloud-based solutions and digital diagnostics. Here we are the 7 technologies that will shape the development of healthcare in the near future.   Digital diagnostic The idea of digital diagnostics has more to do with immediate availability of healthcare facilities for people within the comfort... Read More