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10 Nov

The Modern Approach To Building Corporate Information Systems (ERP/CRM)

Corporate Information Systems are scalable systems designed for comprehensive automation of all kinds of economic activities of large and medium-sized enterprises, including corporations, consisting of multiple departments that require a single control. It combines the personnel management system, material, financial and other resources of the company, the company uses these systems to support planning and management and allows management to make more informed decisions. A corporate information system can be understood as a management ideology, combining business strategy and information technology. “Enterprise” is the ability to work in a distributed system structure (corporation) vertically and horizontally. Corporate information systems are... Read More

27 Oct

How To Create A Suitable Business Intelligence System

For correct business decision-making it’s important to have detailed information and insights on the state of affairs in the company. But often such information is limited to the annual or quarterly reports. To effectively analyze the organizational processes and progress, enterprises often implement business intelligence systems (BI-system) that enable them to make more informed decisions. Here I’m sharing a few tips that may help when you create a BI-system for your company. Design Store the raw data, rather than sections. Do not hope that the fixed schedules and reports will be sufficient. Instead, managers will ask you to build more... Read More