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22 Jul
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Custom Software Development – How Can It Help Your Business?

Businesses in today’s world and age are always running a race against a cluster of competition, and in order to gain an edge over the competitors, they have to integrate certain technological elements in their firms. Each and every business requires a certain form of software, to run in synergy with their task management techniques. This software integration can provide a business with both streamlined solutions, such as Accounts, HR and Finance; as well as minor management such as Content Management for their websites. The most common way to get their hands on software amidst a wide-array of choices is... Read More

23 Dec

What Is Real Estate CRM And Why Do You Need IT?

  Recent studies in the real estate sector have confirmed that the out of  entire flow of visitors to sites of construction companies only 10% decided to buy after registering on the site and acquired housing within six months. The remaining 90% of potential customers continued to look for the best option. Under such circumstances, consumer behavior require the real estate agents to quickly establish a contact with the potential customers and clearly define their needs in order to stay ahead in the competition. To do this, many companies are implementing automation systems that can effectively organize the entire range... Read More

3 Jun
5 Top Forecasts For The Futuristic Programming

5 Top Forecasts For The Futuristic Programming

Do you think it is easy to put a ball in basket while playing basketball? I am sure it is hard, now imagine the basket is moving and shifting its place will make it harder. Same with the advancement of technology, it is growing so fast and making things harder for programmers to create a new hitting technology. Many people are well aware of tech-trends, but the pace they are moving at is shockingly fast… and becoming challenging for firms to build tools to support these constantly evolving technologies. This rapid progress points towards an important question. Is advancement leading... Read More

4 May
Best Project Management Tools

6 Best Project Management Tools

Tired of check listing every step and every detail? Managing a project all alone can turn out to be a difficult task. A little help on the way would surely feel like a blessing. From minor to major or leisure to professional projects, projects are a combination of series of steps. Skipping a step or forgetting a single element can completely ruin the end results. Here are a few Project Management Tools project managers need – best amongst the league: Asana This app helps create multiple projects, communicate with the team, assign tasks, manage due dates and you can use... Read More

19 Apr
Git Versus Subversion

Git Versus Subversion

Fans of Subversion claim that it is the best version control (VCS) and source code management (SCM) there is, but developers are realizing the key features of Git and many argue that it is a step ahead of SVN – command name for Subversion. They are both open source VCSs whose essential purpose of tracking changes to files and folders (directories) may be the same, but the logical application of tracking these repository changes is quite different and it can be questioned which is the better of the two. Git affords users the convenience of a decentralized structure where each... Read More