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22. June 2016

OpenCart Integration With Payment Gateway: Know Your Options

First, let me give you a brief overview of payment integration gateways and what are these used for… it is pretty simple to understand the role of gateways, and you do not have to learn the zigzagged technical stuff. Payment integration gateway is used for eCommerce applications to enable the payment services like credit card

14. June 2016

What Turns A Project Manager Into A SuperHero

The internet is bursting with the content on project management techniques, tools and best practices. There are blogs that contain technical advice, recent advancements and prevalent techniques and then there are websites, whitepapers and ebooks that claim to provide important insights and sample roadmaps etc but project management is much more than superficial planning and

7. June 2016

How Enterprise Mobility Is Going To Change The Business Game

Over the last few years we have seen rapidly evolving technology and a natural consequence of this technological growth is the drastic change in the ways organizations and people work. Now the productive hours in a day are worth more than actual physical presence. Organizations are hunting talent from all around the world and empowering

3. June 2016

5 Top Forecasts For The Futuristic Programming

Do you think it is easy to put a ball in basket while playing basketball? I am sure it is hard, now imagine the basket is moving and shifting its place will make it harder. Same with the advancement of technology, it is growing so fast and making things harder for programmers to create a

26. May 2016

8 Secret Techniques to lead an eCommerce Business

I am sure in movies you guys have seen so many protagonists leaving the plane on autopilot and hopping around the plane doing other stuff without worrying about crashing. Businessmen these days are looking for the same opportunity where they can leave their businesses on autopilot, so they can live their desired lifestyle. You must

25. May 2016

How Mobility Is Changing The Game Of eCommerce

The development of technology is influencing the role of the internet with an astonishing expansion while at the same time retail stores and businesses are diverted to the World Wide Web as eCommerce and online shopping. There was a time when online shopping was considered to be unsecure and risky, but… time has changed; now

17. May 2016

5 Reasons Why Your Startup Needs Mobility App (Software)

Startups! The biggest challenge for them is the deficiency of acknowledgment. They almost consume all of their capital investing in every single bookish strategy to keep moving towards so-called triumph, it includes sponsorship deals, paid marketing, creative advertisement, purchase deals, and online presence etc. What do they get? Leftovers…… left by big giant firms! Come

9. May 2016

5 Steps to Shaping Your Brick-and-Mortar Store Online

Is your brick-and-mortar store on brink of the cliff? where it can no longer lead to generate revenue? And are you still craving for growth? When you look around it seems customers prefer to buy online and you are nervous, scared, maybe terrified or possibly just confuse about this shift. Right! Then let us help

4. May 2016

6 Best Project Management Tools

Tired of check listing every step and every detail? Managing a project all alone can turn out to be a difficult task. A little help on the way would surely feel like a blessing. From minor to major or leisure to professional projects, projects are a combination of series of steps. Skipping a step or

25. April 2016

Food for Thought: Why mobile app is necessary for businesses?

Ever since the evolution of smartphones, everything seems to have an app that is made available either for free or for a fee at the app store of the operating system. Amongst the latest trend to hit smartphones is for every business, small, medium or large; to have an app of their own, as their