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Life at PureLogics

We Make WorkPlace Fun

At PureLogics, we aim at building the best of everything. Be it technology, environment or relationships with our human resources. Our team is passionate about contributing to the world in a most productive manner and this is what enables us to deliver hundreds of successful projects every year. The chant of making it all possible is simple: “we care” We believe that successful companies comprise of happy employees and this is why we invest a lot of our energies in providing highest level of workplace satisfaction to our team members. The key workplace facilities we offer are:

State-of-The-Art Game Room

We have a gaming area filled with indoor games to ease up a stressed mind. So when your mind is cluttered and things stop making sense, set aside the keyboard and pick up a cue stick.

Exclusive Lunch Rooms and Kitchen

We take food very seriously. The kitchen and lunch rooms are designed to radiate relaxation so if the day has been a little hard on you, you can shut your system down and enjoy the food.

State-Of-The-Art Meeting Rooms

We like hi-tech and we make sure to equip ourselves with the best technologies available to in today’s date.

Coffee, Snacks and Cold Corner

Your daily dose of coffee and tea is on us. After all, nothing gets our logical wheels churning better than caffeine.


We Compensate Comprehensively

We know that furnisher, walls and equipment do not make up a company but the team does. Therefore we make sure to cherry pick the best talent and offer exciting benefits in order to make the talent stick with us. The key benefits include:

Provident Fund

Have trouble saving? Or can’t resist the temptation of not-much-needed glamorous stuff? Either way we’ve got you covered. At PureLogics, we manage the savings for you to ensure you always have your rainy day money intact.

Medical Facility

PureLogics offers a managed inpatient medical insurance that covers everything from pre-hospitalization to post-hospitalization.

Star Performers of The Month

If you have given the organization your best, we’d love to acknowledge your dedication and efforts. The 5 best performers of the month receive appreciation as well bonus to keep your spirits high.

Other Benefits

Referral bonus, marriage leaves + bonus, overtime bonus, weekend work compensation, annual trips, leave encashment, free meal after 11 hours of work and the list goes on.