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software developers

Unlock your potential as a software developer! Discover trending technologies, coding best practices, and career growth strategies.

August 30 2023
Top 7 Software Development Trends You Can't Miss in 2023 - PureLogics LLC

Top 7 Software Development Trends You Can’t Miss in 2023

Reading Time: 4 minutes Listen We are now in an era of innovation and transformation! In today’s business landscape, it’s important for your business to stay ahead of the game and stay informed of new trends in software development. The field of software development is evolving every day due to technological advancement and the increasing demands of companies and

August 28 2023
Top-5-Benefits-of-Business-Process-Automation - PureLogics LLC

Top 5 Benefits of Business Process Automation

Reading Time: 4 minutes Listen Do you find yourself stressed by a never-ending list of boring and repetitive tasks?  Have you ever thought that if only there could be such a smart way that would handle my daily boring tasks and you could devote more of your time to business planning and expansion? If your answer to both questions

August 21 2023
AI Business Ideas to Kickstart Your Venture - PureLogics LLC

From Concept to Reality: AI Business Ideas to Kickstart Your Venture

Reading Time: 4 minutes Listen You will come back to thank us if you follow any of these AI business ideas with 100% passion and dedication. As a business, we understand that starting a business is not as simple as it appears, especially in today’s most competitive environment where everything is changing so quickly and powerfully.  But this wave

August 8 2023
eature Engineering for Machine Learning - PureLogics LLC

Feature Engineering for Machine Learning in Software Development

Reading Time: 4 minutes Listen Many people don’t give due attention to feature engineering, but those who know the worth of feature engineering for machine learning give it special attention. It is because they know feature engineering (if executed properly) will increase manifold the efficiency of machine learning models and generate accurate results. Feature engineering is a process that

August 3 2023
Hiring-a-software-development-company-or-freelancers-Which-suits-your-start-up-best - PureLogics LLC

Hiring a Software Development Company or Freelancers: Which is Best?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Listen Must-read text: After so much effort and struggle, you have finally launched your start-up company. Now, you want to get software development services, but you are confused about whether to hire the best software development company or freelancers for this crucial duty. This is how you should make a decision. Just imagine you want to

May 22 2023
List of AWS Services

List of AWS Services: Top 10 AWS Services in 2023

Reading Time: 14 minutes Listen In the old days, business growth meant going through tons of headaches: taking care of more workforce, maintaining infrastructure, overlooking security issues, handling servers, and much more. That’s where the need for a list of AWS services emerged! Fast forward to the present, with a hold on 41.5% cloud computing market, AWS (Amazon Web

April 11 2023
Featured image for outsourcing blog

Startup Should Be Outsourcing Software Development Company?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Listen If you have been running a business since a decade, maybe outsourcing would be a new word for you. However, in today’s changed business landscape, businesses spend around $731 billion on outsourcing. We all know that running a business is hard. But it is much harder for startups in their early five years. Like

February 14 2020

Is Moving To Microservice Architecture Really Worth It?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Listen The concept of microservices has been around for quite a few years, but they are entering the mainstream now, with companies like Amazon, eBay, Netflix, LinkedIn, Uber, and PayPal, among a few of the leading names who have already moved to microservices. Following the footsteps of these web giants are organizations of every size

February 7 2020
custom software vs off the shelf

Custom Software Vs Off The Shelf: Pros and Cons

Reading Time: 3 minutes Listen DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CUSTOM Software Vs OFF THE SHELF SOFTWARE The simple difference between custom-built, sometimes called bespoke software solutions, and off-the-shelf software is that the former is made specifically for your needs and your business, whereas the latter is designed around general practices targeting a lot of different businesses and what they need but

November 13 2018

Web Development Trends To Get Your Website Ready For 2019

Reading Time: 8 minutes Listen 2018 is about to meet its end and this year, many advancements were made in the web development industry. Trends have been shifting drastically and change has become the only constant in website development. There is an ongoing rise and fall of technologies so in order to be on the winning side of the