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At PureLogics, when we combine our 16 years of experience, the innovative juice of our brainy professionals, and state-of-the-art resources coupled with HIPAA policies and procedures, our clients get health tech solutions that pass audits, win patients’ trust, and build robust market reputations. Choose the best among other better health tech companies, and we will handle the rest!

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Do You Need to Tap HIPAA Compliance Services?

With the increased emphasis on patient data security, HIPAA managed services are no more an option but a necessity. PureLogics’ HIPAA certified workforce works together with all covered entities and business associates so that their healthcare work works securely under 3 rules of HIPAA and other security rules.

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Business Associates

Healthcare Clearinghouses

Health Insurance Providers

Business Associates’ Subcontractors

Employing Medical Center

Pharmaceutical Companies

Medical Products Manufacturers

Perks of Partnering with a HIPAA-Compliant Managed IT Service Provider

Perks of Partnering with a HIPAA-Compliant Managed IT Service Provider

We at PureLogics, take HIPAA compliance as more than just a buzzword — an act that defines the fate of health care practitioners. So, we only mobilize certified HIPAA professionals to create HIPAA privacy and security software solutions that deliver value while ensuring safety. The right logic you need for iconic health tech software!

Headache Free Audits

Avoid a dip in the complex world of audits and let our experts follow the protocol that examines the policies, procedures, and regulations designed for HIPAA compliance.

Expert Touch for a Safe Practice

Let HIPAA compliance solutions guide your security strategy. Our expert HIPAA professionals create a secure IT environment that leaves no black hole for invaders.

Win Patients’ Trust to Grin

Give way to a long-lasting patient relationship with proven HIPAA policies and procedures that ensure the safety of patients’ data and confidence in one go.

Make Your Hospital Reliable

Stick with healthcare tech solutions that turn your medical organization into a brand by enhancing patients’ reliability and building a solid market reputation.

Flawless Risk Management

With the right resources, expertise, and tools, we conduct regressive risk analysis by employing our proven methodology to leave no speck of risk.

Lock Security to Unlock Profitability

HIPAA compliance ticks all the factors that make a website, its data, and associated devices secure and empowered to fight cyber attacks and data breaches.