PureLogics has a dedicated app development team that fully understands the specifications of HIPAA and is thoroughly trained and experienced in implementing HIPAA’s privacy and security requirements in the healthcare/mHealth apps that we develop for smartphones, wearable technology and other devices.

Designing mHealth Applications

Our UX/UI Design Department makes sure that all the healthcare apps we develop are easy to use, look pleasant to the eye, have a distinct interface and reflect your brand philosophy. Your aspirations are our focus and we are motivated towards crafting them into perfection.

Development of HIPAA Compliant Applications

PureLogics develops technologies which are consistently in compliance with all the required specifications of HIPAA laid out under its privacy and security rules. This not only protects your user’s privacy but allows you to easily and safely expand to or reach US market where failure to comply with HIPAA can impose hefty fines and lawsuits.

Implementation of Features Necessary for HIPAA Compliance

PureLogics makes sure to implement all the features required or recommended for HIPAA compliance like Unique User Authentication, Encryption of Data, Automatic Logoff, Audit Logging and more.

Help Covered Entities Meet HIPAA Standards

There are mHealth apps that not only generate or store electronic Protected Health Information but also transfer it to entities covered under HIPAA like health care plans, hospitals, healthcare clearinghouses and other health care providers. PureLogics makes sure that those ‘Covered Entities’ that the app transfers user’s ePHI to have taken appropriate measures to secure that information.

Ensures compliance by PureLogics-engaged contractors and consultants

PureLogics ensures that the companies getting the apps developed by us follow the necessary safeguards and comply with the specifications laid out under HIPAA and thus the privacy of user information is respected across the board.

Protect PHI with rigorous security and privacy program

PureLogics has a rigorous security and privacy program to protect ePHI. The electronic Protected Health Information and any of the personally identifiable information stored in the app is kept safe from unauthorized access. Also, the least possible disclosure to the required personnel is ensured so your health and personal information is always kept safe from getting stolen or misused.

Adheres to clients’ HIPAA-mandated privacy and security standards

PureLogics cares about the sensitivity of the information and the privacy of the patients. All the HIPAA mandated features required by the clients are implemented and the safeguards needed are put in practice. The information including ePHI and user identifiable information are encrypted and thus protected when it is stored and also when it is being transmitted to a covered entity.

Limited Access To ePHI For Guaranteed Security

PureLogics ensures that impermissible access to PHI remains prohibited and takes measures to safeguard all electronic Protected Health Information from employees and third parties. This guarantees that your information will only be accessible for you or your covered entities.

No Toleration To Unwanted and Unwarranted Data Breach

PureLogics cares about your sensitive information. Therefore, we take serious measures to avoid unwanted access. A breach in any case, by either an employee of PureLogics or any affiliated third party, is never tolerated and is subject to strict legal action. Special training is provided to employees to comply with HIPAA specifications and the use of development workstations is supervised.

Complete Compliance With HIPAA Specifications

At PureLogics, the app development process and support for apps which store, generate, and/or transfer ePHI are made sure to be in compliance with HIPAA and it is made certain that the app, the process of its development, and the data which includes personally identifiable information and Protected Health Information tick all the required and addressable requirements of HIPAA for complete security and privacy.

HIPAA Compliant Cloud Hosting

As a proud Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services, PureLogics offers the services for storing, transmitting and processing the protected health information in the secure and HIPAA compliant servers.

As a proud Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services, PureLogics offers the HIPAA compliant cloud solutions of AWS for storing, transmitting and processing the protected health information generated by the app.

Get Industry Leading App Development Ensuring Complete Compliance of HIPAA Regulations for Your Healthcare Apps

Download this case study to learn how PureLogics developed a HIPAA compliant smartphone app that secures the transfer of health information between clients and care providers.

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