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Pokémon GO- Guide, Tips and Cheat Sheet for Beginners

5. August 2016

We have recently seen the Pokémon mania taking the world by storm. However, there are countries where the dream world still brings a lot of money. And the appearance of Pokémon in the real world was only a matter of time and technology. Well, the technology caught up, and the time has come – and world is going crazy over Pokémon GO
Here are a few Pokémon GO tips and secrets about how to quickly swing the game.

Where to Look for Pokémon

In the beginning, you’ll see Pokémon everywhere. Under the bed, on the table, behind the door, but as the game proceeds and you level up, the distance starts increasing and eventually you’ll have to step out of your house to catch them. If you’re planning to take a day-long bus ride to catch Pokémon, please keep in mind that you’re less likely to find them in crowded areas. Instead, look for them at places with the less crowd. You’ll have better chances to find them around places like swimming pools, rivers or simply where there is lots of water.
Understand Different Types of Pokémon
For the beginners, it’s important to understand the eighteen different types of Pokémon. Each Pokémon has a strength to defeat another in the battle. For example Fire is stronger than grass and can be used against it. Similarly, water has an advantage over Fire. A little research can help you level up quickly.

How to Fight and Capture Arena

Approximately after reaching the tenth level of the game (depending on your location and the caught Pokémon), you can start fighting with other Pokémon players, but it is not necessary to rush in – it is better first to build familiarity with the map, the terrain and collect enough headroom for fast further development. When you hit level 15, its time to assemble a team of the closest players in the Pokémon GO together and fight off the arena, which can be found nearby. They will train your Pokémon and leave them to guard the arena. But the capture of arenas in Pokémon GO will not only allow you to pump your pokemonchikov but also get 500 dust and 10 coins on a daily basis with each of your protected arenas. Around the same time, we should start understanding the combat system in more detail in, but we should not even at this stage greatly improve their Pokémon using the dust.

How-to-Swing Advice and Buildup Strategy in Pokémon GO

Its best to begin with the selection of the cheapest to improve the Pokémon (Pidgeot, Beedrill, Eevee).. Upon reaching level 10 in Pokémon GO you are likely to save up for a couple of coin evolutions (prokachek). You can, of course, improve them the accumulation of sweets, but take care of the dust.

How to Get Candy to Murder Pokémon

Kill extra identical Pokémon with the “pass / transfer key. Most often it is the best thing you can do with weak Pokémon on first and second level of evolution. Each one of them can be murdered with a single candy. And then, when you have accumulatef a lot of dust in the Pokémon GO, it will be possible to pump any svezhenaydennogo powerful Pokémon that will bring far greater benefit than pumping mud to riches.

How to Make Powerful Pokémon in the Game

Do not improve gradually through the three stages of development, and immediately jump to the third. The common trait among all evolved Pokémon is that they all have greater CP than their wild Pokémon. So your main goal should be to improve the CP in order to create stronger Pokémon.