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May 26, 2023


Reading Time: < 1 minutes PureLogics changed the sales prospecting game with ClosedWon development, which could assist sales experts in crafting cold emails and analyzing multifold LinkedIn company pages to convert prospects to leads. The leading technologies to let ClosedWon development successful include: ChatGPT3 to curate cold emails for prospects within seconds AI technology to enable LinkedIn Prospecting Assistant functions

May 22, 2023

Gift Recommendations

Reading Time: < 1 minutes PureLogics strategized relationship loyalty among people with Gift Recommendations development to better choose gifts. It was enabled through the development of an intelligent platform that could take deep insights from social media platforms to procure the right gift. Use of the tech stack to convert their dream creativity into reality: ML to analyze a person’s

May 22, 2023

Open.ai Whisper

Reading Time: < 1 minutes PureLogics released the hassle of transcription with Open.ai Whisper development where users could quickly transcribe calls, keep transcription records, get the crux of calls, and enable scheduling, recordings, and chatting functionalities.  We made transcription platform development possible with the following particular technologies:  ASR and NLP for speech recognition AI for audio calls context detection and