Smart Cooks

Smart Cooks is a recipe engine iOS app that allows users to search recipes based on time, available ingredients and cuisine type.

It combines the power of data with a database featuring thousands of recipes from top food bloggers. Think of SmartCooks as the friend who remembers all your favorite dishes, any food allergies or personal preferences, and the contents of your pantry and also knows how much (or little) time you have to cook.

  • Recipe search Adding recipe to their calendar add as favorites add ingredients to shopping list share recipe
  • List what user has in store using OCR / UPC scanning for keeping track of and management of their pantry items
  • Intelligently keeps tracks of users searches and preferences to suggest meal of users choice
Project Details
XCODESpriteKITGoogle SDKAndroid SDKMySQLJavaScriptWordPressCSS3HTML

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