September 29 2016

Native Vs Hybrid Vs Web App: Which One Suits You The Best

Reading Time: 2 minutes Listen Being a software development organization, we often come across people who have an idea of a mobile app, the list of all the functionalities and the goals they want to achieve but the only thing they get confused about is whether to go for a native, hybrid or web app. Most of today’s mobile

August 26 2016

How Much Does An Enterprise Mobility App Cost?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Listen So you have decided to get an app for your enterprise but are still unsure about the costs involved. When you ask a professional, you often get a vague response that goes from $10000 to several hundred thousand. Indeed, every mobile app is different. In many cases, clients want a specific technology, which translates

July 29 2016

10 Interesting Mobile App Design Trends [Part 2]

Reading Time: 3 minutes Listen Continued. 6. Simple soft colors Observation suggests that majority of the smartphone users prefers the simple range of colors, which have soft contrast. This is a natural consequence of the omnipresent minimalist and flat design of mobile applications. However, the colors are chosen based on current trends (in the color palette Pantone Spring 2015

July 28 2016

10 Interesting Mobile Apps Design Trends [Part 1]

Reading Time: 5 minutes Listen With the development of mobile applications – from Uber to Vine – we are gradually beginning to understand how trends in the mobile applications designs were formed over a decade. Many factors influence how mobile applications are perceived by the laymen- this year, for example, we have seen huge screen phones aka phablets in

July 22 2016

Enterprise Mobility for eLearning: Revolutionizing Educational Trends – Part 2

Reading Time: 2 minutes Listen Continued. Following the previous post “Enterprise Mobility For eLearning: How It Can Revolutionize Educational Trends – Part 1”, we know mobility has a lot of potential to improve the learning and teaching practices all over the world. But we are not finished yet as there is much more to mobility than meets the eye.

July 20 2016

Enterprise Mobility for eLearning: Revolutionizing Educational Trends – Part 1

Reading Time: 3 minutes Listen Gone are the days when learning was limited to classrooms and people had to be confined to a specific geographical location for their academic achievements. Today, technology has lifted a lot of constraints that were deemed inevitable for effective learning in past. However, I’m not going to harp on the same old string of

June 7 2016

How Enterprise Mobility Is Going To Change The Business Game

Reading Time: 3 minutes Listen Over the last few years we have seen rapidly evolving technology and a natural consequence of this technological growth is the drastic change in the ways organizations and people work. Now the productive hours in a day are worth more than actual physical presence. Organizations are hunting talent from all around the world and