May 8 2018

18 Common Ux Design Methods And Techniques To Be Followed

Reading Time: 3 minutes Listen One must consider user experience (UX) while attracting visitors and customers to any website. So, without wasting any time, let us discuss the latest methods and techniques, on which the UX designers focus in order to create a pleasant experience for the visitors/users. Ready, Set, Go! Value proposition: The value proposition is a statement that

July 26 2017

Discover The Benefits Of Software Outsourcing For Your Business

Reading Time: 3 minutes Listen The world has evolved at a lightning fast pace, and the marketplace for each and every sector is being overruled by a new sensation every other day. Technology has dug deep inroads in our life, and it has become almost impossible to think of our lives without the synergy of tech-savvy liaisons. In today’s

July 12 2017

How to Ace Your Search for Best Software Outsourcing Companies?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Listen Running a business while keeping the costs low and productivity high is the mantra to growth in the competitive marketplace. Outsourcing in 21st century is not just a trend but a need of the time, as it saves you both money and hassle, given the right outsourcing firm. However, finding the most competent software

November 18 2016

The Basic Laws Of Building Efficient Teams

Reading Time: 3 minutes Listen Recruiting the best talent for your organization is one thing but getting your teams to perform is an entirely different story. You cannot simply hire people and expect them to perform without putting effort in turning a bunch of random individuals into a ‘team’. In programming, as in physics, there are laws. So the

September 9 2016

How To Outsource Software Development For Startups

Reading Time: 2 minutes Listen Technology today has made it a lot easier for startups to get off the ground as we can see an app for everything (literally) these says. The business processes are now more efficient and which naturally translates into better productivity. So I wouldn’t be wrong if I say that in today’s world, all you

August 12 2016

7 Tips for Estimating Software Development Project Costs

Reading Time: 3 minutes Listen As the product owner, you certainly want to get the best ROI for your project. The more project costs will be precise, transparent and reliable, the easier it will be to manage the project budget. Why the estimated cost of a project is important? An estimate of the project cost can help you build

June 14 2016

What Turns A Project Manager Into A SuperHero

Reading Time: 3 minutes Listen The internet is bursting with the content on project management techniques, tools and best practices. There are blogs that contain technical advice, recent advancements and prevalent techniques and then there are websites, whitepapers and ebooks that claim to provide important insights and sample roadmaps etc but project management is much more than superficial planning