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Don’t let these top 3 issues and pitfalls to get in the way of your successful cloud migration strategy

21. February 2020

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When looking to have an effective plan and strategy for your cloud data migration, there are some big mistakes that you need to know and acknowledge that could otherwise be costly to your business and have a devastating impact. 

3- Planning all your data migration at once 

Fully completing the data migration process can take a reasonably long time, ranging from a few months to even years especially if tons and tons of data is what is stored in your infrastructure.

Experts in the industry almost always recommend migrating the data in stages. And they recommend this for good reasons. Because, it’s very likely that you have no prior experience or knowledge of the cloud solutions and services of the vendor you’re migrating to, which can more likely cause your organization to mess things up.

Another best practice that generally comes around is to first migrate non-essential data onto the cloud and then the sensitive or mission critical one. So that if something goes wrong in the cloud migration early on, the essential data of yours is not exposed to any risk.

2- Presuming all clouds are created the same 

Being in a crowded market where there’s a lot of competition between different vendors trying to sell cloud services, you may presume all cloud environments are created more or less equal or the same; so there’s no such big deal while migrating from one to the other.

However, this could be anything but a lot farther from the truth. All cloud service providers come with their very own cloud environment that is different is terms of functions and capabilities required for their deployment in a way that aligns with your corporate strategies.

Therefore, you cannot just afford to blindly migrate your business data from one cloud environment to another unless and until you’ve conducted a proper risk assessment and have become familiar with the resources and insights of your new cloud technology.

1- Not understanding the people side of the equation 

What experts are realizing is that one of the biggest hurdles isn’t really security, cost, or other things that people usually talk about. In fact, the biggest hurdle is the people side of the equation: people, processes, and technology. 

The skills, the knowledge, and the understanding of how to do this right, how to secure it, and how to make it run at scale just doesn’t exist in most organizations – because IT in the cloud is very different from IT on-premise in traditional IT.

So, if the staff your organization has on hand is not familiar with the different tools and technologies that they might be going to use, it’s certainly worth it to hire someone else who has the required expertise in cloud migration and who can handle it for your business.

Like the team of experts we have at PureLogics is highly specialized is AWS cloud computing. Our technology and processes are pretty much mature and we can ensure flawless migration of your key business applications to AWS; all while keeping you secure, in compliance, and managing the cost of what you’re doing. Just get in touch with us.