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Why You Should Migrate to AWS Cloud – 5 Compelling Reasons That You Need to Make This Business Decision

15. January 2020

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We all know that Amazon dominates the tech landscape, but what you may not know is that they are a big player when it comes to cloud services. We will explain here why your competitors are using AWS cloud services: and why it is beneficial to your business to embrace this technology solution.

1) YOU PAY AS YOU GO – Amazon Web Services enable you to trade capital expenses – like servers and data centers – for variable expenses. You don’t have to invest heavily in physical infrastructure and data centers to store your data, instead you pay only for those resources and only for those hours during which you use database storage, compute power, and other resources.

2) YOUR IN-HOUSE SECURITY EXPENSES ARE SHAVED OFF – When you use AWS services, you say goodbye to all the costs related to securing your data in the cloud, such as encryption and firewalls. The cloud provider has a global, flawless infrastructure that uses an end-to-end approach, including operational, physical, and software measures, to ensure that its customers’ data is completely secured.

3) YOU DON’T NEED TO GUESS CAPACITY – With AWS cloud services, you don’t have to guess your capacity anymore. If you’ve tried to launch a new project in the past then you would know that one has to guess what their capacity is going to be – and that’s really hard to do without knowing what the customer response is. So you end up paying more than necessary in the early days of your application, unless it really takes off. And when your application takes off, it may also leave you with too short of a capacity.

When you migrate to AWS cloud, this entire problem suddenly goes away. AWS lets you easily scale up or down based on your organizational needs. For example, if it turns out that what you provisioned at one point is more than what your business is using, you can simply return it to Amazon Web Services and stop paying for excess resources.

4) BACKUPS AND DATA RECOVERY ARE NO LONGER AN ISSUE – Consistency and reliability are one of the most important selling points of AWS. It’s a very useful platform when we talk about internal and external disasters and backups and recovery. Plus, there is negligible outage and extremely less downtime compared to other cloud providers like Google and Microsoft. 

5) YOU GO GLOBAL IN A MATTER OF MINUTES – Another great thing about moving your business to AWS cloud is that you can provide a top-notch end-user experience all across the planet in mere minutes. Deploying your application in any one of the global regions and availability zones AWS has, requires just a few clicks – while reducing latency and transforming your business. 

If you’re looking to lower costs and become more agile by finding your place in the cloud, PureLogics, a Standard Consulting Partner of AWS, can help make your journey to Amazon Web Services a cinch. You can seek our specialized cloud computing consultancy and advisory services by scheduling an introductory call with one of our experts here.